Summer of pap day 2

Day 1 I won’t count. I watched Underworld: Evolution and got about 30 minutes in before I clicked it off. Too much violence, dramatic turns of the head and glares, and poorly done steam to justify watching the whole thing for me. However, it is representative of what I’m on to: when the going gets rough (busy at work, lingering cold, moving, emotional drama, moving) I don’t want to watch The Wire or something else Good I want to zone out to crap. Thus, the summer o’ pap. Only crappy, pappy, or otherwise happy movies. Nothing serious, nothing uplifting, nothing that can offer any kind of commentary on the Modern Situation We’re All A Part Of. Gimme some escapism.

Tonight I watched Meet Dave with Eddie Murphy. I iaughed about a dozen times at his odd deliveries and quirks, I still think he’s a funny actor. The demographic is…6=9 year olds, I guess, despite the overhotness of the alien ladies. A few notes:

3:13 – Hey, did it eat the goldfish?
10:56 – He’s a…I cannot pin the accent. African British royalty who spent his time in the states in prep school.
11:27 Number three is hot. But like 20 years younger than Eddie.
16:56 Eddie Murphy seems pretty angry – I bet he’d be good as an absolute jerk in a movie. He’s pretty good at being creepy.
He still cracks me up though. I like the Welcome to Old Navy Gag repeating gag.
I laughed 8 times so far. 35:55. Now 9.
Elizabeth Banks can light up the screen.
37:57 10 times. His little outbursts are funny. “Time for me to exit into the night.”
45:00 Creepy funny hot-dog scene packing those things down.
56:57 The gay stereotype card – good grief.
And the small kid isn’t annoying! What about that.
Still kind of creepy that he’s like 100 years older than her.
I am a PC.
He didn’t save the world, though, so I guess they’re going back to Nil….oh they worked it out.
Oh good grief, isn’t this thing over?
And grandpa gets some action at the end. Yuck.

Well, that was a win. I still like that Eddie Murphy.

Next up: Baby Mama.

2 thoughts on “Summer of pap day 2

  1. “Underworld evolution” sucked. It was gross. So was “Watchmen”, totally disgusting slasher violence and disregard for human life. Why is your son eating goldfish? Not that its unsual, Xavier has killed many a frog…….

    If you want a great movie, go see “Up”. And this is coming from me, I don’t watch Disney! It is a really great movie! It is very tender. Seeing as how I cried 3 separate times during the movie, you will probably cry more,and I mean tears streaming down my face crying!
    Have you watched Baby Mama yet? If so I will reward you with 2 minutes of un-interupted eye contact.

  2. Did see Baby Mama, way better than expected! I laughed out loud a few times, and there were a few pretty good scenes.

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