Bad moon rising

When I left from work last night there was a tornado-level storm brewing. I didn’t know this – the south could rise up again and start marching in the streets this week and I’d only know if someone emailed me or it showed up on facebook (“sick of the south rising up again!!!! Txt me!”). By the time I got to the corner of old 231 and 26 it looked apocalyptic (see apocalyptic photos below). About two minutes later a light rain started. About 10 feet after that my umbrella folded back on itself and I ran for the nearest shelter, which was a movie theater. A nervous teenager asked us to come away from the large glass windows and inside, so I spent the worst of the storm watching more teens be nervous, listening to them carefully explain to people that they weren’t sure when they’d start the movies up again, and watching the poor young manager age 20 years in front of my eyes. By the time the rain slowed she looked like a drug-addled 25 year old. Poor kid.

I also spent some quality time staring at the stupid G. I. Joe.stand-up ad. Which reminded me of how I used to watch and play with G. I. Joe stuff and even read the comics (thanks to my brother who followed them). So now I want to see the stupid movie. Thanks, Tornado! I’m still waiting for the DVD, I’m not paying 10 bones to see that crap.

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