the experiment

I’m not watching TV at home for a month or so. I’m about two weeks in. I’m a movie and TV show fan, I play video games. However, I think I need a purge. I find my free time and thoughts consumed by whatever’s happened in the last day or few days. If I watched a movie or TV show I found I would go through and analyze and rethink it. Why this, why that, what about that. Try to guess the character arcs, make notes about how it could have been improved and what I enjoyed, do little mini-reviews in my head.

This, I feel has been kind of a waste of time.

It’s ok – it’s not Bad. It’s not something I Need To Repent Of. But unless I’m going into media production, script writing, or something similar I don’t know that it’s that helpful. It’s good to have hobbies – but I start to worry when I feel I haven’t given the TV enough attention that day.

Also, things have gone from Busy to Redonk-a-Busy at work, so I couldn’t have found a better time to get back a few hours to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks.

To be clear, this isn’t a Fast or something I’m giving up for a personal Lent. I played Wii Fit last week or the week before with my wife and kid (and nearly passed out, how good of shape I’m in) and when people send a video link or something online I generally watch as much as I would anyway. That feels different, somehow. What I’ve done, basically, is not put it on my mental schedule.

The results so far:

    1) The world has continued to spin. I don’t really miss it. Part of me wants to sit down and watch something mindless and zone out, but I don’t, and I survive.
    2) I like caring about the things that actually affect, me, or at least slowly heading in that direction.
    3) I get more done. I mean WAY MORE done. I’m forgetful by nature so having less mental clutter has helped me actually get stuff done I needed to get done.
    4) I feel less like I NEED to watch things to unwind. It’s very possible I’m not unwinding at all and will explode, but it doesn’t feel as critical as it used it. I haven’t been reading a lot of fiction, either, so I don’t know what I’ve been doing, exactly.
    5) Related to 4), I’ve gotten WAY more into music. I’ve been finding new music, winnowing away music I have on my hard drive to just those things I actually listen to, and branching out ever so slightly into new types. I find music can still be a form of escape, but it’s less engrossing than a screen or story, and allows me to get other things done. It’s also smaller, and bite-sized.
    6) Movies are still a kicker. I’m going to a movie next week, Avatar, with a couple of buddies, and the other night I spent about an hour catching up on new movies trailers at Apple. But, in general, I find more and more I’m becoming an old man with movies. I don’t feel the need to see the Important Movies of the Day.

Anyway. Maybe I’ll report again on how it’s going.

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