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I’ve made a semi-goal (in my head, which is different than a REAL goal, which I write down in a place or two before I ignore it) to post more in the blog. Which brings up all this stuff about What Kind of Blog Is It and to Make Sure I’m Keeping On Point – things I’ve read about a blog writing.

I also want to avoid being the guy who has three followers (I don’t – I have 0, I think, lemme look – I can’t tell how many are subscribed it turns out I have 1. Thanks, dood! – but I’m pretty sure my mom checks it every six months to see if there are more pictures of my kids) and every couple of months throws a post up apologizing they weren’t posting more. It’s possible a buddy or sibling might ping me and say, “Hey, brotha, get ya some more pics of your kids on that blog!” and I would do a post like that, but I’m guessing these posts are more aimed at themselves…”Sorry, self, for not posting more often. I’ve let you down.” Self: “It’s ok.”

Anyway. Keeping consistent themes and patterns I suppose works for a blog that Has a Purpose besides being an outlet for the deep need I feel analyze every single thing I see, but this one doesn’t right now, so here’s my thinking: I will be wildly inconsistent and cover a nightmarish range of topics. I’ve seen this done well, so I think it’s all right. Example A is, which seems to cover in equal parts comic books, reality TV, law and politics (both Canadian and American), and vulgarity (watch out ye of tender sensibilities, it uses the pottymouth language), but all in great depth. And many/most of the posts are from the one dude, MGK.

So that’s the goal. That’s what I’ll be trying to do, and do it more or less consistently, intentional ambiguity there.

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