new Electric Company

The new electric company is pretty urban. It’s interesting, has cool effects and the “Electric Company” is actually a group of kids who have special powers. There’s a “bad” group of kids who don’t have powers but play tricks on the Electric Company and deceive them, etc.

The effects are pretty good, and straightforward, and the actors are solid in selling words. It’s all about words and reading, which I didn’t remember from the old Electric Company (I remembered Dracula and Spider-Man, but that’s me), but it turns out they were all about words, too.

The old EC seemed to be aimed at teens and adults – I’m surpised it lasted as long as it did, though my 4-year old liked the Spider-Man sketches we watched on YouTube, like this one:

But it looks dated. REALLY dated, almost so dated it’s good again because it’s such a time-piece. The new one will probably look dated in 20 years if the urban vibe is not as prevalent then as it is now. There’s a beatboxer on staff who does some sketches but mainly beatboxes. It gives me hope that I, too, an ungainly white person, can also beat the box. Actually when I try it with my 1-year old he’s ok with it.

Their songs, though, generally, are pretty terrible, homewritten high-school play quality. Anyway, the new one is fun enough to watch and has clever enough dialogue (the one I watched yesterday had a running gag about an alien who passed gas through his ear which smelled like toast and thought of noodles to calm down – that’s pretty good stuff). The old one is pretty bizarre, in a good way. Take for instance, one of the most widely respected actors today, Morgan Freeman, who was on it all six seasons according to IMDB, playing Dracula taking a bubble bath in his casket.

Bill Cosby, and as voices Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder and Joan Rivers, on – not as guests, but regular players on the show. So it has more than “geez those weird 70s” historical value, and makes more sense than HR Pufnstuf.

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