Iron Man 2 review

Iron Man has a frowny face which makes him look sad and tough. Tony Stark is conflicted, self-destructive (and I wonder if they’ll ever bring in his alcoholism or just nod to it, like they did in one set of scenes. I doubt it, it seems to be made for kids, who don’t care). I’m getting tired of self-destructive superheroes. I’d like to see one that likes his/her job, does it well, knows the score, and doesn’t need people taking care of them and “getting through to them”. They’re normal, they like people, and they have superpowers. Does this exist?

I did like the scene where they land in the biodome and talk for a minute, then the ensuing action sequence, where there was no music and good chemistry between Mr. Cheadle and Mr. Downey. Chemistry between males was pretty high all around, actually. The action in general was pretty good, if confusing at the end.

Best part, honestly, trailer for Tron 2. I could have watched that several times and called it good. Much better in the big theater. No matter how the movie ends up, the trailer was well done.

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  1. I’m all for the avengers – big action, lots of personalities clashing, good stuff. The Captain America shield was a good gag.

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