"College too expensive" crosses party lines, and one solution.

Hooray for Twitter.

I’m going to start documenting the path so all get their due, but it may be awkward starting out. Here goes.

Item 1:

Tweet via Jim Groom> Transcript: Rush Limbaugh show.

He talks about the rising costs of tuition. He blames it on the ‘Left’, which I disagree with, but that’s not the point – he’s actually talking about it! He quoted Anya Kamenetz (possible from DIY U), who said of being quoted:

My take on Rush: Student loan & tuition outrage transcends Right vs Left. Gov’t, lenders, privates, publics, and for-profits all to blame.

It’s nice to find things that people on both sides can agree on.

Item 2:

Tweet via Kevin Riley > Blog via Joanne Jacobs > News Piece CC bachelor’s programs grow in Florida (Community College Spotlight)

Here’s a practical approach – it’s cheaper to finish off the degree at the community college than to spin up a whole degree at the university. For students it’s a win – they get the degree (though the name may matter to some) in their field completely from the community college. Linda Hagedorn’s concern is interesting and probably accurate – could community colleges creep out and could potentially replace universities for many degrees, creating competition? Would competition in this situation be bad? There may be issues at a state level (why fund more than one school doing the same thing, maybe?) but that happens anyway. What doesn’t appear to actually exist, and what I’m interested in, are true alternatives. You want a certain kind of job but you want more than one way to get there – ‘acceptable’ alternatives to college for employers.

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