Justice League Unlimited. Animated. Cool.

My kiddo got a couple of discs from the library and I was keen to watch them with her, but the episodes I’ve seen are way better than I thought. I’m guessing it’s the same production company as Batman Beyond and Batman the animated series, but they have JUST superheroes as characters, mostly, and they give them pretty good lines.

S2E8, where Flash and Luthor switch brains. It’s not for kids, or if it is, it’s for kids around 25. There were some great moments, though – Flash acting like Lex Luthor and continually repeating his name (“I, Lex Luthor, am fine…”) and when Luthor tries to uncover Flash’s identity, and then realizes as he stares at himself in the mirror that he doesn’t recognize Wally West.

E9 has lady brawls but respects the order of things – Wonder Woman comes in at the end. Apparently she can fly? Float? I haven’t been keeping up. Anyway, pleasant surprise on a busy night.

Maybe there are advantages to having an animated series – this one didn’t last too long, but you can do pretty much whatever you want, within license limits – storylines aren’t limited by sets, props, etc. and the acting is only limited by voice talent, which is pretty solid all the way around. You’d still have to consider the number of speaking roles, but if they aren’t speaking, they’re not even getting paid to be on set. No make-up…huh. But there’s the animation, which is time-consuming and can be variable in quality. There’ve been a lot of cool animated shows – I think I started being impressed with regular TV animation (unfortunately the old Spider Man shows and G.I. Joe don’t hold up to well) with Samurai Jack, and of course Sponge Bob. There’s something irrepressible about Sponge Bob. That’s probably why my kid can say “Bub Bob” (Sponge Bob).

Like I say, though, color me impressed. I don’t know that I’ll finish them all but might have them on the backburner for when I retire and have nothing to do in 40 years.

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