Why the end of Castle 1.6, “Always Buy Retail”, rubs me wrong: Because it gets to self-congratulatory and smarmy. Worse on this episode than others, but every single episode, ends OK. I’ll be glad when they get their footing and go bold with a somber ending. Right now it’s like Dial M for Murder (I meant Diagnosis Murder. If it was Dial M for Murder it would be awesome) with more gore. I don’t put up with characters who’s lives go too easily. They must pay – not too much, that’s where Lost gets walks on the edge – but you have to ‘earn’ your happy ending. This has too many in a row. The West Wing got this wrong, too (that’s how much I’m watching TV right now, that’s a reference point). It’s that balance between pain and reward. Too little pain, too much reward (especialy the patting-on-the-back kind) and it spills right out into a bunch of schmee. The tightrope is balancing the pain the characters (and empathetic viewers) and the rewarding solution.

What I need is just enough. The last episode I watched, 1.7, gets closer, then the last 15 seconds spreads sunshine all over the place. Closer, though. Still, I’ll keep watching it: it’s borrowed and it’s Nathan Phillion, and I liked the bit where the cops talked about what they call crime suspects instead of “perp” like they do in “movies and books”. Chuckleheads? Does anyone call anyone that, who isn’t a cop and older than 50? Chuckleheads?

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