Pithy Movie Review: Punk's Not Dead (2007)

screenshot about punk fashion

Really pithy: Old punks were/are kooky, new punks are keeeee-ute.

Less pithy: Impressive list of interviewees. Interesting editing choices (the bonus footage – more than an hour – was just as relevant, if not more, than the main feature). Segment on kids who do it “for the love” to be part of the community was inspiring, segment on kids who got big and are called sellouts were less inspiring – they seem genuinely conflicted, but the footage of My Chemical Romance getting their gold or platinum album, after watching the old punks talk about the movement, was downright strange. Glaring omission of neo-nazi straight-edge connection, except in interview with Ian MacKaye in extras.

And also: The stuff about other bands, how they knew each other, is some of the best stuff. Ian MacKaye is probably the most coherent of any of the interviewees, besides maybe Jello Biafra. Fat Mike is consistently funny. One of the funniest parts is from Unwritten Law (again, in the extras) grabbing a puppet and having it explain the dirty name of their old tour bus, then staring at the puppet for a minute before saying, I gotta smoke less pot.

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