Addams Family makes my kids laugh nervously.

Or at least one kid. My older daughter, who I don’t remember if I’ve come up with a clever Euphimism Name for (like Sparky, or Precious, or whatever) so I’ll just call her The Older One, seemed ok with it. But I had the weirdest sensation while watching that cousin It was actually spooky. You know that feeling when you watch something with your parents and UNTIL THAT MOMENT you had no problems with the scene in Sleepless in Seattle when Tom Hanks is talking to Rob Reiner about getting back out there but suddenly  you feel a little bit like a local arm of the ratings police and you want to clamp down?

I have that with my kids sometimes. We’ll say often. Let’s go ahead and go with almost constantly. My son, The Younger One (or Sparky, if you like), watched with fascination as we watched an episode from season 2. As I sat there scanning frantically for scary things before my kids saw them and hoping that they’d like the gag humor because frankly I’m getting a little tired of watching 3 minutes of 18 different shows (which is the pattern that my son, The Younger One follows, wanting a new show the moment his attention is not totally and completely held by something, which is basically impossible, ) I saw this:

cousin It in a bowler and sunglasses

At that point The Younger One turned towards me and laughed out loud – “HA HA HA HA.” Which is basically the same as turning towards me and saying “That scares the daylights out of me, and I laugh at it so as not to start crying. ISN’T THIS FUNNY. Please reassure.” We made it through the episode, but here’s the thing about Itt (which is apparently the spelling) – he talks in this high-pitched gibberish. And wiggles around his head. I debated whether he was played by a child or a little person (turns out, little person) and he was on screen enough in this episode, called “My Fair Cousin Itt”. His voice changed to sound normal as part of the plot and that helped a little, I think, but overall he’s a little creepy. Altogether ooky. So that may be off the playlist for a while.

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