Music Cleanup Update.

I’m down to 38.58 GB.

Recent removals:

  • Jack Drag – Aviating. Something I picked up during a psychedelic music phase and can’t put up with any more.
  • The Roger Sisters – Purely Evil. I really only liked the song Zero Point (below).
  • Joan of Arc – The Gap. Because it’s unlisteneable.
  • Poster Children – DDD. I feel like I never gave these guys a chance but oh well.
  • The Orange Peels – So Far. I can only take so much pep, actually.
  • The Promise Ring – everything except Why Did We Ever Meet, and Red and Blue Jeans (below), which at one time appealed to me because it sounded raw and different than so much overproduced Spice Girls wannabees that were around when I found them. They were better in contrast.
  • Steven Malkmus – any B sides. Good grief. Kept the albums (below for sample).

Some things I kept (if the widget doesn’t work try this):

2 thoughts on “Music Cleanup Update.

  1. To be fair, Promise Ring put out a catchy album called Very Emergency that I used to own but don’t now. Don’t know why.
    But Water/Wood, though liked by some (including the Wife) is so gloomy and ponderous.

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