I'm not exactly running at 45 RPMs. But Rhapsody.

So I’m a little tired from The Sick Cold Flu Going Around but thought I’d chip in this thought – Rhapsody for the iPhone. Like eMusic, this was another tool I tried for a while and am not currently using. For music junkies a dream.

The deal is, basically, if you use a computer and like to hear new stuff, it’s a good deal, something like 11 bucks a month. Maybe more now. You can listen to a lot of stuff, seemingly more than you used to be able to, though I think most people would be able to find music they like that isn’t on there. If you’re especially dedicated to the idea, you can buy a device that Rhapsody blesses and download the songs to a mobile device. This costs a little more. They have little DRM time-bombs on them that break them on whatever day of the month your subscription expires but you just sync up the device with your computer and it’s good to go for the month again.

I did this with, unsurprisingly, o’ ton o’ music and never got to it all but liked having the potential. Eventually, though, I ran out of interest in the new bands coming out. In this way a service like this, or Zune, would be a good thing – you get to filter through all the crap everyone is recommending to find the real gold. I think I found Burial (below) this way.

Anyway. I bring this up because the iPhone appears to have an app. I don’t know how stable it is, but potentially very cool. But not for me for a while. If anyone has used this (either of readers may answer, Mom or my wife) lemme know. It looks tempting.

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  1. I think you know that your wife is the latest of late adopters and won’t have seen this app. But hey, I did read this post!

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