Whence the Oscars

  • They’re 15 hours long.
  • They’re good for those who follow fashion.
  • The actual announcement of the winner is the only drama.
  • The winner’s speeches are painful to watch. Ironically, people who’s career has just reached a peak by being comfortable in front of other people lose their marbles and babble incoherently until they are played off the stage, giving them the choice to push past the “please go now” signal or listen to it.

Anyway. The good:

  • Oscars are helpful in promoting smaller films that may not get noticed by the public at large. A co-worker told me after last year’s Oscars that he put “The Hurt Locker” on his Netflix queue. The same may happen this year with Winter’s Bone. Small films benefit from the recognition, as they do from good reviews. Films that will be popular anyway won’t be affected one way or the other by not being in the Oscars.

PS. My wife can stand it. She just called me because Trent Reznor just won soundtrack for Social Network. I used to listen to Nine Inch Nails in high school. Well, that’s surreal. He gave a very classy speech (and very clearly planned, that’s how to do it, folks).

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