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So if you’ve checked the blog in the past…week? or so you may have seen two things. One, there is now a small ad in the top right corner. I’m using Google Adsense (if you’re curious why I have ads, you might think for a moment about the relationship between money and the trading of goods and services, and head in any direction from there). There is a certain amount of control you have over the ads that show up – general categories, porn or not (that’s a binary decision when you set it up), and sensitive categories. I’ve allowed some of these and not others. We’ll see. I’ve signed up for a service that allows me to preview ads before they run – if that works, hooray. Apparently I may get fewer advertisers because of that. I’m fine with that – part of the point of the site is making a safe place to talk about media without running to any particularly offensive media.

Two, you may have seen a specific ad, a woman in a tanktop that links to a clever T-shirt site. I checked out the site, it looks a site I’d use if I was still into buying T-shirts to show how clever I was (now I tell jokes to my children). But the ad was particularly objectificationesque (you couldn’t read what was on the tanktop, it was an attractive gal on the beach as a selling point). I’ll ok with a different ad from the site, just that ad I didn’t like. So, I’m also saying, it’s a learning process. I’m sure there are more in the pipeline. If anyone else runs into this, I’d welcome your input as well.

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  1. D. – I’m thinking dating and “dating” sites may stray into stuff I don’t want to host either – I’ll check into that setting. Thanks for the feedback!

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