apparently Veronica Mars needed a compliment sandwich

Apparently I came across too hard on Veronica Mars in my last post. The feedback I got, both on- and offline, was that Veronica Mars was a good show. Somewhat in defense – like – ‘Hey, good, take it easy, I can see your point, but come on, it’s a good show!’ Looking at the post again, it looks like I found more problems than good things with the final episodes.

In my defense: I wrote the post the day after watching the Season 1 Finale, so I was still sitting with the effect it had. So that’s real. I haven’t gotten to Season 2 yet (the library was closed today, I was going to see if I could pick it up). That said – look – I’m going to watch Season 2.

I think the thing that gets me, and I think it’s all right to do, even though I understand the defense of the show which I’ll get to in a second, I think it’s all right to come down hard on it. Veronica Mars can handle it. It’s a smart show. But I do it out of love. If I didn’t care, if it was just a terrible show with nothing to it, I wouldn’t put so much thought into it. I wouldn’t be ABLE to put so much thought into it. It’s the touching greatness factor that bothers me – and that deserves a hard look. To touch on another sacred cow to many, Buffy – yes – good show – but how come no one can be happy for more than 10 seconds? It’s a problem. Lots of good, love the show, but it still deserves to be questioned. Everything does. Except what I do. I’m above the law. But everyone else, yes, let’s examine them.

What I should have done, likely, is build it the previous post more like a compliment sandwich:




That was everyone gets their cookies. I’ll try that in the future.

To be fair, it’s a good show. It’s solid. Even in it’s final dramas, where the plot went into warp speed, it was still completely engaging and we watched like the last 3 episodes finishing too late at night. And it’s a season ender – there needs to be both resolution and a cliffhanger. I understand.

Also, to be fair, Rob Thomas, who created the show, has not gone on to make Transformers 3, so he needs all the good press he can get. Although he did go on to work on 90210, which is basically the anti-Veronica Mars, but work is work. He made what looks to be an interesting show, Party Down (in queue), and is trying to do interesting things. Yay for that.

So what I’m saying is: I don’t hate Veronica Mars. It’s a cool show. It’s altogether in theme and casting and writing and music and cinematography, it has a sense of time and place, it’s alternately cruel and kind to characters, it has a strong, smart, resilient, tough, human female at it’s center, which is basically impossible to do without making her a superhero (which she is, basically, but that’s another post). I’d recommend it to others, with reservations. What I am saying is: it could have been better.

Also, compliment sandwich.

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