media literacy defined as putting hotpants on my avatar

My kids are media savvy. I won’t use the term Digital Natives. But they are savvy and get savvier ever day. I like the term Digital Natives, it explains the concept in the phrase itself, but I don’t agree with the baggage it carries, that kids intuitively know how to get around software, program in Perl, and hack into NSA security databases by the age of 11 because they grew up playing Flash motorcycle games and using Facebook. I think they get stuff that looks like stuff they know, and I think some tools (like Facebook) fit what makes sense to people. And, by the way, while I’m on my soapbox, that’s more of what people need, tools designed to be so simple and easy to use that anyone can do it, NOT another thing that does exactly what Facebook does, only it’s not Facebook.

Back to the story. Apparently it’s intuitive how to mess around with XBox avatars. My daughter who I guess I’ll call Squirrel likes to get into my Xbox Live account and dress me up like a woman. Not because she likes to dress up the avatars, she has her own avatar she can mess around with, but to tease me. Here’s what it looks like currently.


Because I don’t live and die by my XBox Live friends (I have 2 (two)) and I don’t play much online with the XBox, I don’t mind that my avatar sometimes has new hotpants when I log in. But I appreciate the care with which it’s done.

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