Ebooks and lazy

I was reading Pleasures of Reading in the Age of Distraction – (which is actually less pretentious than you’d think, I’ll review it soon) a book I picked up from the library because it was out on the new books shelf. I got to a section where he talks about writing in the margins – something that frustrates me about good books I get from the library, not being able to mark them up – and I bought a digital version on my phone and started reading it right there on the bus, where I could mark it up. And the marks, and notes, will sync across all of my devices, along with the books.
What a world we live in.
I felt a little strange about buying it – reading the paper book about reading books must have awoken some alarmed guilt about digital books – but I’m getting to where I care less.
Really what does it matter? It’s either wood pulp in my hands or a metal, glass, and plastic device. The difference is the device is more expensive and requires electricity to run.
But can you imagine people saying, when faced with either a home projector system or a flat screen TV with a blu-ray player, scoffing at the blu-ray because it isn’t the same experience? Yeah, so can I. The same people who buy albums in vinyl instead of CD or MP3. They’re different experiences. The delivery mechanism is different – thus the delivery is different. But I don’t think it’s an either/or relationship. We don’t need to all standardize – whatever works. I find I will not forget books that are on my phone – I find the prices to generally be about the cost of an album, so if I’m building up collections I’ll likely look for used paper copies. In this case the kindle version was actually cheaper. it comes up for every book I get now, though – is it online? Is it cheaper? Will I want to loan it out? Will I be using Kindle in 10 years? Who knows. But I wanted to make marks on it right then, and I could. Amazing.

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  1. Ok. Well about the laziness? Most ebooks are extremely short. Why are there so many ebooks about writing ebooks to make money in the ebook business? Lol.

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