TV Halloween Netflix Instant fodder

With the Halloween upon us and the advent of good streaming selections, we don’t all have to punch each other out to get the good scary movie for Halloween. If we celebrate Halloween. If we don’t celebrate Halloween, we probably aren’t reading this.

If we are still reading this, some good picks from Netflix Instant:

Anya as a bunny

Buffy – Fear Itself (S4E4, Neflix, Amazon) Mainly Anya in the Bunny suit. Best episodes have lots going on – Xander and Anya get closer, Oz and Willow get closer, Buffy and Riley get closer, they meet/see the Initiative.



angel is a puppetAngel – Since every episode could be Halloween, I’m not picking the actual Halloween episode. It’s kinna weak. (S5E5, if you’re wondering). Instead watch Smile Time (S5E14, Netflix, Amazon) – it combines the creepy and the funny pretty well – Angel turns into a puppet.


king of the hill halloweenKing of the Hill – Hilloween (S2E4, Netflix). Oddly moving, and well-written, but not scary. Hank takes on someone trying to cancel Halloween. Does that King of the Hill thing where it plainly lays out both sides of the argument and then pokes fun at them.
“He’s a Satanist.”
“That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”
“It’s true.”
“Oh. Dang.”

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  1. Thanks, Kevin. That came up on my radar about a year ago and I never did get it – thanks for the reminder, I’ll add it to my “To Watch” list.

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