MFP – 1 – PT Anderson Film Fest, Hard Eight

This is the first episode of the Media Facing podcast. My wife and I are going through Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies in order to “get ready” to watch The Master. We started with Hard Eight. Spoilers after 6:15 – it may be better to listen to if you’ve seen the movie.


Some links from the podcast:

  • Hard Eight. Don’t watch the trailer! Both trailers I’ve seen are wrong about what the movie is about AND give away key plot points. Just watch it with no expectations.
  • Other movies with casinos we mention:
    • Swingers – It’s about a few buddies in L.A. who are trying to get acting jobs and be hip in the 90’s L.A. scene. They go to Vegas at the beginning. It’s “Swingers” in the “The Rat Pack were a hip bunch of swinging cats” sense. It’s not depressing! A lot is hard to watch like the Office is hard to watch. Watch the whole thing! I used to sit guys down in college who were having lady troubles and show them the last 15 or so minutes. It’s amazing.
    • Casino – watch if you liked GoodFellas and other Scorcese movies.
    • Leaving Las Vegas – watch if you’re a hardcore alcoholic and want a reason to get sober.
    • The one with Nick Cage with the Flying Elvises is Honeymoon in Vegas. It’s pretty goofy.

Next up – Boogie Nights.

Music in episode courtesy Kevin McLeod and Windmill Music.

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