MFP – 2 – PT Anderson Film Fest, Magnolia…and another marathon dies unfinished.

I’m done after Boogie Nights. I think my wife would have been okay finishing Magnolia. 30 minutes in I was done. Too much, too clever, too crude, too much. A thought, then an underline, then an exclamation point, then switching fonts into realism, then back to clever font. I’m not ready for the abuse masked as characters hitting their lows I have to go through before it’s done. Maybe later.

I’ll try to get the Boogie Nights podcast up this week. Since we recorded it in August.

2 thoughts on “MFP – 2 – PT Anderson Film Fest, Magnolia…and another marathon dies unfinished.

  1. Boogie Nights made me rethink my desire to watch any movie. The only movie I “almost” walked out of the theater. I kept thinking, “That was the last bad part, I’m sure.” But nooooo, it kept going, and going, and going (ah gees, that sounds bad considering that movie). And it would have been one thing to just show nudity, but the violence was over-the-top as well. I’m not sure I caught the redeeming value in that movie. Magnolia I remember liking better, but still very, very dark. I couldn’t watch those movies today. Havings kids has made me veer toward movies like The Sound of Music or (for a really daring movie) Hope Springs (actually, a very hard movie to watch as well, but for totally different reasons). And I can’t go down that dark road of Boogie Nights ever again.

    1. I can relate. Once I get that podcast up my view will be a little more transparent, but basically it was off-putting. Like you said, not necessarily because of the sex and nudity, which is there, but because of the seedy side of life that it shows – murder, prostitution, beatings, drugs, and the deep unhappiness of the people. And the gore. I think I’m still drawn to some “controversial” movies, but will probably never watch them, I just get fascinated and then pull back. But the more I look around, I think there are literally hundreds of movies that are groundbreaking and interesting and don’t require me to hold my breath or wince or skip scenes.

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