what I really liked this week – Still Life

Last night I watched “Still Life“. It’s a Chinese movie. I checked it out from the local library, mainly because people were killing themselves on the back to say how awesome it was. It did win a bunch of awards. It was pretty good. I’m not sure I totally “got it” and everything, I’d probably need to watch it again to get why everyone went nuts over it. But it was watchable, and I worry about China (the effets of a corrupt and communist government) more than I did yesterday. So there’s that.

But the way it’s shot is really interesting, and the path the main characters take to try to find their loved ones after time away, and how things resolve in each case, is really interesting. And it’s filled to the brim with details about local problems and issues, and stuff I thought was fascinating, whether it was meant to be or not – the way poorer people basically shouted to each other all the time and the middle to upper class spoke in softer tones. The way local corruption’s effect is focused on, not whether or not it exists. The way that a lot of the destruction of the towns they were in was obviously real – how did he get that footage? And why did the government approve of a film that was obviously showing the downsides of some of their policies? Who people open up to and why, and what people are willing to put themselves through. The value of human life in that situation. It’s an interesting movie.

If it was rated it would be PG or PG-13. There might have been a strong swear or two. Very mild.

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