You Should Watch: A Prophet (Un prophète)

What: Movie about a guy new to prison who is picked to kill a narc. And what happens after that.

Comparisons: Shawshank Redemption (though A Prophet makes Shawshank look nice and clean and simple), American History X.

Keep in mind: Nominated for a bunch of awards. If you see it you’ll want to see The Beat My Heart Skipped, same writer/director. ALSO IT’S IN FRENCH.

Content: in terms of offensive content this movie has it all – sex, drugs, violence, gore, nudity, profanity. We skipped a scene that was obviously going to be copulative. Yet, with all this, it’s a movie that has made a big impression on me – the stuff that I saw didn’t feel exploitative.

Trailer: I’d avoid it. Just watch the movie. The trailer gives away too much.

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