they had to stop the Standford prison experiment early and this is practically the same thing

Well it didn’t last very long.

My experiment to go from smartphone to flipphone in order to be less distracted and technology dependent resulted in me learning that in a couple of key ways I am totally and completely technology dependent and I can either find a workaround or I need to solder an antenna with a calendaring widget to my skull. I get lost easy and need a GPS and I forget appointments easily and need a calendar that I carry around that reminds me. Today I missed a key meeting and yesterday I got lost for 20 minutes trying to find Costco. We have a GPS in the car but we haven’t been using it because it’s got a short in the charging port so it turns on and off over and over. Which could be kind of thrilling if I wanted to make every trip to Costco a nail-biting experience that might end in me never getting there. But I don’t.

No, guy, I know. I know.

By 1 pm I had the SIM card back in my smartphone and am trying to figure out how to configure it so that it only does what I need it to and doesn’t do much more, and doesn’t LOOK like it’ll do much more. I need to make the smartphone look dumber. I may just reset it and keep only the basics, I don’t know. Or get a more basic phone, but one that syncs with Google Calendar tends to push it into smartypantsville. I just look at my smartphone and see possibilities, and I’d like to see it and just see a stupid phone that has my calendar on it. If anyone has any advice on this I’m asking.

I saw my setup as working the following way:

  • flip phone for calls and texting
  • iPad for calendar, email, documents, media
  • little notebook for todos

As it turns out there were a couple of extras that I bring to the picture:

  • the sense of direction of a lawn chair, for getting lost easy
  • the appointment memory of a toddler, for missing important meetings

I don’t like carrying the iPad with me everywhere. It’s too big. It’s actually not super convenient or easy while standing up and holding something else, like a pad of paper or a book or something, to whip out the iPad and check sometimes. It’s a two-handed device. The phone is a single-handed device and it more portable. Plus the iPad is work’s, so I don’t want to take it everywhere because I’ll definitely lose it, etc.  Blarhg blarhg blargh. It’s a work in progress.

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