Movie Bargain Bin Dive


Some DVD’s are ridiculously cheap right now. Here are some DVD’s I got at Walgreens for 2 bucks each.

Kit Kittredge is a solid full movie with good themes good morals etc. No boyfriend, no romance, none of that. You may recognize wee Kit as the current incarnation of Carrie.

High School Musical 3 is okay. I don’t like 2 for my kids, too much “smoochie smoochie” as my kid would say. 1 ok, 3 ok.

Frost/Nixon is an interesting movie about journalism politics and entertainment. I’ve seen most of it but not the final interview.

Swing Vote is supposed to be one of these Capra-esque political movies like Meet John Doe or Mr Smith goes to Washington. I’m a sucker for those.

I don’t even care which Harry Potter this is. If it’s one of the first two my kids can watch it , and if its the 3rd or later I’ll actually want to watch it.

I’m helpless against browsing through the media bargain bins. I spend something like $15.00-20.00 a month on movies like this, I’m building quite a collection of completely disjointed content.

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