Manly Movie Marathon

i dont' always My wife is going out of town for the weekend so I’m going to watch some movies that she can’t stand to watch. If I’m honest, she doesn’t mind action movies. She’s a fan of The Matrix and sits through solid action movies pretty well but it makes a better story if she doesn’t. For example:

oh MAN I am SO STOKED my lady is heading out for a few days so I’m TOTALLY going to BRO DOWN with the DVR and Netflix with all those shows she is NEVER letting me watch right after I make dinner for the kids, put them to bed, do the dishes and clean the kitchen and if I have any energy left at all it’s DUDE TIME FOR BRO TIME, dude.

Netflix has some manly shows to choose from:

  • The Grey with Liam Neeson
  • A couple of Jason Stratham movies, Redemption and Parker
  • Terminator 2, which is probably worth a re-watch
  • 70’s action – Escape from Alcatraz, Charley Varrick
  • In Bruges with Collin Farrel
  • Westerns – The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  • Foreign – 13 Assassins, The Man From Nowhere, A New World, Valhalla Rising, The Good, the Bad, and The Weird, Sleepless Night, Sonatine
  • Bruce Lee! – Big Boss, Game of Death
  • B-Movies – Dylan Dog, DeathStalker

Actually the longer I look at it it’s an embarrassment of riches. If I can make it through a few of them between the time my kids go to bed and the time I need to get up to get them going it’ll be a miracle. But that’s the plan. Any of these stand out? Better than the others? Other suggestions I can watch without going to a video store?

2 thoughts on “Manly Movie Marathon

  1. Interesting list. I didn’t know you liked seventies action films. It seems like people who enjoy Tarantino often like a lot of the stuff from the seventies, imo.
    I like Drunken Monkey, and movies of that ilk, just because they are so visually amazing and fun, I also liked that Liam Neeson one where he’s getting his kidnapped daughter back, just because it’s so ridiculously over the top. He moves through the movie like a human food processor, chop whir chop. The subject matter is more than a little grim, and it really bothered me the first time I saw it, but my kiddos love it and rewatch it; I was more able to enjoy the action and ignore the plot in subsequent viewings (how’s that for a step by step desensitization).
    Did you see In Bruges yet? It seems polarizing, that people either love it and think it’s funny or hate it and think it’s bleak and unfunny.

    1. I’ll have to check out In Bruges because I’ve liked some other caustic humor action movies.
      The 70’s movie thing started a few years ago and it’s been slow going but there’s something about them, it’s like watching foreign movies, the style can be so different from current movies.
      I like your description of the Taken movies – “human food processor” – ha! I haven’t seen any but should probably dip in and see what the fuss is about.

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