Manly Movie Marathon: Will Be Continued…

That’s not a movie, Will Be Continued. I knew watching my three kids over the weekend would make it tough to get through very many movies. I got through one. By the time they were actually asleep I was either asleep or exhausted. And I couldn’t sleep in – my kids don’t sleep in. Except weekdays. Weekends they’re up early. Why. I don’t know.

I guess you could say my kids cut in to my marathon media watching. That sounds odd, but since I’ve had kids and have focused on them I haven’t wanted to watch media less, I’ve just had less time and I’ve wanted to make sure my kids eat and get to bed on time more. Decisions, decisions. In an ideal world I’d have time to spend with my kids and time to watch media every day. I’d slip out a side door where time freezes, watch a few movies, and come back in time to put them to bed. Alas. Even the movie I did see, In Bruges, I had to watch in a couple of halves.

Anyway I’ve got the list of movies. I’ll through them slowly.

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