One thought on “Slacker and Jack: The Oscars

  1. I haaaated the Oscars this year. I mean, even adorable Ellen couldn’t save it, even though she was tap dancing as fast as she could. It was just the same overpaid actors in every role, no new faces except for Lupita from Twelve Years (she’s amazing) the same self absorbed ‘we’re such inspirational heroes,’ mentality, and the same boring ass speeches. I saw Ebert once say that he’d like them to talk a tiny bit about the role, or the acting that went into the role, or the background research, or almost ANYTHING rather than the pointless “I’d like to thank my lawyer” routine.

    The Oscars I liked the most had Hugh Jackman as host; it was really thoughtful and interesting. I liked how they described the different categories and highlighted the challenges and rewards of each one. It was the most creative Oscars I’ve seen to date.

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