Breathless – 1960

This appears to be a milestone of New Wave Cinema and I’m probably not giving it it’s due but it didn’t change my life.

Let’s start, then, she really is a beautiful pixie girl, I mean very easy to watch, Jean Seberg. Incredibly beautiful. Terrible French accent but who cares, wow. She sets the standard for pixie cute forever.

Michel says nothing, his bedroom eyes say it all.

He’s frustrating, Mr. Jean-Paul Belmondo, who was later in every movie made in France in the next 50 years. I wanted his character to get hit by a bus off-screen. That’s about 10 minutes in. I’m going to write a serious film paper called “The Appeal of Jerkwads in Film and How They Get Away With It” and do a companion piece on TV, starring Don Draper. I dare any dude to watch this movie and not want to punch his lights out. I will give him this though – he has a great 6 pack and he says goodbye well. I mean that. He does these cute little hellos and goodbyes well. They are dampened by his “Yeah, I guess I killed a cop, at least I think that’s what happened the edits were pretty fast, hey what do I have to do to get that top off you? You’re ugly and a coward. I need to call a thug.”

I would love to make a supercut of his hellos and goodbyes. I’m running out of disk space so I can’t do it tonight.

It’s like an anti-movie. Whatever movies are, it’s not. It’s like someone wanted to make a movie and then got bored while they were making it. My friend pointed this out to me a couple of years ago and now that I’ve seen it I get it.

Why don’t we shoot this totally unrelated painting while they’re talking? Go ahead and look at the camera if you feel like it! Oh, someone got hit by a – hey, that’s a fascinating tree! I mean, those leaves- oh yeah, car. Huh. So lets look at some people on bikes. And cut to a kiss!

Apparently this was different for the time and so, hey. Way to go. It’s cool that that they went ahead and shot and used the takes they had, you can see people on the street gawking at the camera because they probably didn’t have permission to shoot and apparently had Godard being pushed in a wheelchair with the camera to keep the shots steady. Cool. That’s fine. Admirable. Go team. It is very likely I’m not giving it it’s due but one thing I can’t do is go back into a time machine, become a fan of cinema up until 1960, and then get blown away by how innovative it was. I mean I could pretend to but I can’t be bothered, it wasn’t fun to watch.

Naughty content – naked ladies in a skin mag for like 30 seconds, and Michel literally never ever stops smoking once ever plus he’s a _______, I’m not sure that came across in what I wrote above, but he’s really a ______.

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