Family Media Roundup March 24 2014

Journey of Natty Gann – Apparently this was required viewing in Idaho and Utah in the 80’s but I haven’t talk to too many other people who have seen it (and the IMDB poster/dvd cover looks out of focus, etc). Gal goes across the nation trying to find her dad who left for a job during the Great Depression. It’s not very sentimental for a Disney movie, it’s a bit slow for little ‘uns, has some swears, and a creeper scene that is played out well enough that if you didn’t know what it meant you wouldn’t know what it meant. I don’t know if that’s good or not. But it’s a solid movie, and my kids will probably never watch it again.

Sky High – not a drug movie despite the name. Throwback to 80’s teen movies, but made for families, with superhero theme thrown in. Funny and kept the kids’ attention. Cover songs of 80’s tunes were a nice tribute but made me wish it was the real songs. Nothing really scary or threatening. Kids have rewatched it once already.

What? My kids choose the light comedy high school superhero movie over the dramatic depression-era story of survival? Wait until they’re 20. They’ll BEG for artful movies showing the human spirit in adverse conditions. BEG.

One thought on “Family Media Roundup March 24 2014

  1. Don’t forget the swear in Natty Gan that Eddie kept saying all night .. “Oh Sh**” It was like a nugget of gold was dropped in his lap. Lots of G-Damn’s as well. Old school swears.

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