Mad Men S7:E4 The Monolith

I’m one short of caught-up on Mad Men. This is all spoilery, realize. I don’t know if there’s any other way to review Mad Men.

The Monolith

I didn’t catch on to the 2001 thing because I’ve never seen it. Also I probably wouldn’t be bright enough to notice but the wife did. It fits, I guess – his rebirth. The rebirth of Don. I don’t think the fall in the opening credits is a reveal for the end – I think it’s a description of the show. Don does nothing but fall in the show, it’s a long winding descent to the bottom. Has he really hit it this time? There was like one episode two seasons ago where he was alone, exercising, and journaling “like a little girl” before he tipped off the building again. Peggy, it must be said, is ruthless in how she holds her own. Don was a jerk to her, though.

The whole thing with Roger and his daughter – sins of the fathers, etc. Mostly unpleasant except for Roger’s inability to BS and us realizing he actually gives a crap about his grandson, I guess.

But it’s too early for either Don or Roger to ascend, that’s like second-to-last episode stuff.

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