Mad Men S7:E5 The Runaways

Apparently you can watch the full episode of “The Runaways” and the past 4 episodes here. What the what? I paid good money for the iTunes subscription! Which means I can rewatch them all and ruminate more in 10 years.

It is a sad but general rule that mysterious and artful media is infinitely less mysterious and artful the more the creators explain it. By this I mean after you watch Mad Men S7:E7 don’t watch “Behind the Scenes: Runaways”. Don’t watch any of the special features on “Punch Drunk Love” or “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. Donnie Darko yes – if you understood that movie the first time around without cliffnotes (the commentary by the director, for me) I salute you.

Anyway. Ginsberg. He’s always been kooky. His kookiness has worked as a way to clear the air and as entertainment. It comes full circle here in a painful way that sheds light on every line he’s given. It makes the bittersweet scene, where he explained to Peggy he was an alien because he couldn’t possibly have been born in concentration camp (S5:E6, Far Away Places), even more bittersweet. As a testament of character development, there’s enough material for a psychiatrist to take a crack at him.

I was genuinely weirded out by the Don – Megan – what’s her name scene. I ran through TV sex scenes in my head to compare them. Can they show that? How far are they going to go? The mantra with Mad Men seems to be, as long as they’re clothed, or conspicuously covered like Austin Powers (ala Roger and his concubines in S7:E1), whatever goes. Which may give people the impression that most sex in the 60’s was clothed.

The big question seems to be why is Don staying at the agency, how long will he stay, and what will the offer be that pulls him to his Shangrila in L.A, and will he ever punch Lou in the face or pants him emotionally.

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