I turned of Kill List halfway through

About 40 minutes in when our man starts working on the librarian’s knee.

The movie was tense already with marital drama before it went into torture land. I get really OCD about movies that freak me out so I read some spoilers about it. I’m glad I skipped. HO-LEE.

This is me not taking my own advice about looking up what a movie is about or the content but I thought it would just be a psychological thriller and I watched it on recommendation.

Which leads me to not taking recommendations of horror movies from Mark Kermodes any more. He’s probably my favorite critic, partly because he’s fussy and stubborn, British, used to write for Fangoria which gives him all sorts of scuzzy cred for me, has great rants, and is perceptive about movies that have substance. But his favorite movie is The Exorcist. This should have tipped me off. And when he says a horror movie is a tough go and pretty tense, that translates in Hans-speak to this movie will make you wonder if there is good in the world.

Here’s what I found on IMDB just now:

suggested MPAA rating: R for “bizarre situations, graphic brutal sadistic violence, disturbing images, pervasive language, graphic nudity, and sexual material

So we’re not talking about Frozen, here, clearly.

I read some blog posts trying to unravel it with lots of comments. One comment (careful, link has spoilers and strong language) caught my attention (lots of [sic]):

I like horror films because I enjoy being scared and I enjoy tense situations even in my real life. This is a quirk many people have. Fear sets adrenaline pumping and gets the heart beating and traditionally film makers have seen that their is a large market for people who want a good scare. However, I find it genuinely frightening that all these kinds of films keep coming out. These films clearly aren’t meant to scare people.
They’re about something else and it worries me how big the’re audience seems to be. If You comment on this page defending this film at least answer this question. Who is this film supposed to appeal to and why? (and please, no cop out answers that argue that kill list is modern shakespearean tragedy.

Well put, racer_x. I’ve said elsewhere I’d like to do a psychological analysis of people who can watch lots of terrifying movies and not have lasting damage. But then some people think American football is too violent.

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