Movie: The Tooth Fairy (2010)

The family movie with El Pedro, Dwayne Johnson. Three things besides the obvious:

Lots of movies with this structure…

  1. I’m a jerk and lovin’ it
  2. Holy cow people around me don’t like me being a jerk
  3. I’ll be less of a jerk

…have a part where the main character bottoms out and ticks off every person they love. This is the big uncomfortable blowout scene before they gaze off in the distance and montage themselves into a better place with solemn music.

In this case it’s too harsh. One of my kids, old enough to understand it, took it pretty hard and checked out of the movie. The Rock doesn’t come across as harmlessly inept, and when someone who seems to know what they’re doing is mean, they might look like the villain, not someone worth saving.

The Rock ruins his life
The Rock ruins The Rock’s life by alienating The Rock from the people The Rock loves


The other thing is apparently The Rock is handsome. This from someone my age and female in the house.

Apparently The Rock is a handsome man


I just thought it was too long.

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