Tools for Media Said So podcast

A few friends and I have started a podcast, Media Said So. It’s pretty good so far, I’m proud of it! You should check it out, we’ve done one about Captain America and one about 21 and 22 Jump Street so far.

Someone asked about the tools we use for it.
blue snowball

  1. Blue Snowball mic. It’s pretty inexpensive, and the sound I get from it is solid enough for our purposes right now.
  2. For audio recording I use Audition – I bought the Adobe Production Suite with Premiere a while ago and it came with. But a lot of podcasters use Audacity, which is free and really versatile. Actually I had to fix an audio/video problem with a file yesterday and Audacity did the job where Audition couldn’t (at least with the instructions I had).
  3. We’re doing this remotely over Google Hangout because all of us are in different states. I use Camtasia to record my voice and the voice of the other guests. It comes out in two tracks. I export each, pull them in to Audition, and edit it from there. It looks like someone has found a way, if your soundcard supports it, of using Kristal Audio Engine and Audacity, both free tools, to record and edit system and mic sound at once.

Something we’re going to try for our next podcast is having everyone record their voice as well on their end and share the audio file with me. If I can sync that with the recorded conversation to keep timing in place, it gives me two things: better sound quality (sounds less like an online meeting) and flexibility in editing individual speakers.

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