Laserdisc Bonanza!

Pile of LaserdiscsThe Media Said So peeps and I were joking about old tech as we got ready for an 80’s teen movie (watch this space!) and one mentioned laserdiscs. Lo and behold, dropping off some old gear to The Reuseum (an electronics recycling center / store in Boise) I found the mother load of laserdiscs.
They were getting rid of them cheap, I guess they haven’t been able to move them. Long story short I’m now the proud owner of 30 80’s era laserdiscs and $30 poorer.
Four laserdiscsI’m so excited! They’re like vinyl movies – the image is huge and they’re all older movies because the tech went obsolete a while ago. I tried to buy a player too but it wasn’t working.
Why buy them? As we all know they’re going to make a huge comeback.
No, I just like them. They remind me of my older brothers’ room growing up with movie posters everywhere. A wall collage of laserdiscs may be in my future.

2 thoughts on “Laserdisc Bonanza!

  1. My dad’s cousin, Aunt Zelma, had a laserdisc player and I remember watching Annie on it at her house. Maybe you can find a laserdisc player rental store–

  2. Those are C.E.D. (Capacitance Electronic Discs), not LaserDiscs! And they shoudn’t be stored one on top of another,

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