Short Reviews: Ratatouille (2007), McLintock! (1963), Monsters from the Id (2009)

Ratatouille (2007)

Liked food critic the best. I thought he was voiced by Christopher Plummer – it was Peter O’Toole! Win/win. Remy – well voiced, arc-less. Linguini basically a rubber band, little arc. Maybe they cut a scene where Linguini races around a roller derby rink, calm and poised, only comfortable and not klutzy on skates, it would have given Linguini something to want. Long.

McLintock! (1963)

Cattle-baron as patriotic benevolent capitalist local god played by John Wayne in romantic comedy. Women spanked comically, to my surprise. Best scenes include Jack Kruschen, the store owner, and a scene played well-enough by John Wayne where he explains to Stephanie Powers, his daughter, her dowry and the reasons for it. Romance between John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara told almost entirely through backstory exposition, as a way of softening Maureen O’Hara’s character over time.

Monsters from the Id (2009)

Made-for-TV like documentary about 40s-50’s sci-fi movies – how they reflected society and inspired a generation of scientists, the main protagonist of most of those films. A real life physics professor, who uses sci-fi clips effectively to teach concepts, then intones without irony how a meteorite coming at earth is the best option for more research funding. Short and fun enough.

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