Mad Men Marathon

I’m planning on going through some Mad Men episodes and analyzing them. The next post is the first. I’ve been fascinated with Mad Men and it’s the only TV show I’m actually current with right now.

Usually I chew on whatever I watch or listen to the next day, it’s in the back of my head sorting itself out. With Mad Men I find I chew on it for several days, sometimes a week – it hits some spot, like a good meal put together by chefs who aren’t hoping for your approval, they’re playing around with ideas. There are layers and connections and structures within some episodes that reward agonizing scrutiny.

Some people don’t like it because some characters are jerks, I get that. They are jerks. Complicated jerks. The first time my wife and I watched the pilot we got into an hour-long argument about…I’m not even sure. I think I felt responsible for defending males everywhere from the oppressive hand that the show carefully infuriates you with, and my wife wanted to vent. That’s the point, really – when you see Don sit down and put his hands on his sleeping kids in their nice cozy lamp-lit room in a nice suburban home with his beautiful young wife sitting behind him after the shenanigans he pulled in the last 48 hours, it’s supposed to kick you in the gut. These Men Stink, it says. It was about a year before I watched it again, and I caught up and stayed caught up.

Anyway. So it goes, and here we go. These are going to have spoilers.

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